Located in Shenzhen, China, and with more than 6 years exprience of manufacturing and foriegn trade, we make products for our clients all over the world, on behalf of Shenzhen DuXingLiangPin Technology Co., Ltd. 

We make bags, caps, clothes, plush toy, printed mask, gloves, etc.

Why choose us / Our advantages 

  1. Cost-effective:  high quality sewing work, good production price.
  2. Low custom MOQ:  10pcs-clothes, 100pcs-caps, 100pcs/200pcs-bags, and 200pcs/500pcs-plush toy, 100pcs-printed mask/ design
  3.  Fast manufacturing:  clothes:10-15 days,  caps:10-15 days    bags: 10-25 days   Plush toy: 15-25 days    Mask: 7-15 days
  4. Professional service:  With more than 6 years custom manufacturing experience, we will serve you well!

Custom order process